1. Consulting & Implementation

Organizations are not static entities. To meet their ever-changing requirements companies have to be able to adapt quickly and be ready to digest the next wave. CPM/EPM (Corporate Performance Management/Enterprise Performance Management) applications have to keep up.

Equinox CPM consultants work closely with client teams to provide whatever assistance is required to adapt. Whether implementing for the first time, upgrading to a new release, adding functionality, or modifying an existing performance management application, we can help. Some of the reasons for change that we’ve tackled include:

• Reorganizations
• Acquisitions
• Mergers
• Spinoffs
• Approach

Our CPM/EPM Consulting Team is comprised of seasoned individuals capable of performing all project roles, including:

• Project Management
• Design
• Development
• Technical Installation and Configuration
• Administration
• Education
• On-going Support

To ensure project success, we execute on our proven methodology, which includes identifying which roles are required and how much of their time is necessary to perform specific tasks. We also help identify what additional resources are required from the client team.

To validate that our recommendations are aligned with client management objectives, we leverage a top-down approach to assessments. Working in partnership, our consultants perform a comprehensive evaluation of client needs, existing applications and tools, and then deliver a high-quality set of services to ensure a successful implementation of your CPM/EPM solution.

Application Design

No two applications are the same and they should not be designed that way. Prior to proposing a potential design for your applications, our Design Architects conduct thorough evaluations of your requirements. We employ a series of conference room pilots at key points in the project to ensure frequent and open communication on the state and progress of the work and applications we are developing.

These pilots are full participation demonstrations to confirm that what we design and plan to create meets everyone’s expectations. With the process in place, we can stay on the right track avoiding potentially costly rework to correct course. It is often very difficult to visualize changes and build to an application based upon whiteboard sessions and brainstorming explanations alone; showing the application in a pilot has proven to be an effective way to confirm direction or identify necessary corrections.

Data Management and Integration

Data conversion and integration are part of every CPM/EPM implementation. Equinox has converted and integrated data from a number of source data systems, such as:

• CCH Tagetik
• Hyperion
• Salesforce
• JD Edwards
• PeopleSoft
• Workday
• Baan
• SQL Warehouses
• Other CPM/EPM Products

On Time and Under Budget

Our goal is to get you up and running in the most timely, efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Having worked with companies of all sizes, we’ve mastered achieving “on time and under budget” by setting realistic expectations from the start. The result? 100% of our clients are references.

The proof of our effectiveness is in the results of our work. We have a long track record of successful implementations and of satisfied clients.

2. Solution Selection

Helping Clients Plan and Evaluate Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Large organizations currently perform their CPM/EPM tasks using a variety of tools. And so when they decide that they have outgrown their current platform or realize that it’s not meeting their needs for performance, application capabilities or flexibility, they face a landscape of multiple solutions and approaches to choose from. Whether you currently use spreadsheets, have a homegrown solution or currently using other CPM products, Equinox practice leaders can help you plan for and evaluate your next move.

Consulting Tailored to Your Needs

The Equinox Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management teams will help to prioritize your goals, rationalize your time line and budget, and identify the right software solutions to meet your requirements. With our depth of experience and network of contacts within the CPM/EPM industry, we provide objective assistance with everything from introductions to actively managing the RFP and selection process.

We partner with top of the range CPM/EPM technologies to provide you with first class solutions. We always ensure that whatever tool you choose, it is the right fit for your organisation. Learn more about our:

3. Application & Process Reviews

Enterprise Performance Management Application Reviews

Performance management environments are complex and reach far beyond the office of finance. Given the interconnectedness and interdependencies involved, Equinox’s technology and finance consultants assist clients in reviewing their applications, processes and environments to ensure that they are operating optimally.

Is your consolidation taking too long? Is your close process inefficient and fraught with unexpected data issues? Are your business rules too complex to untangle and maintain?

Equinox design consultants will perform a thorough evaluation of your application and processes and provide you with recommendations focused on improving efficiency and performance. To ensure your performance management solution is tuned appropriately and performing optimally, our infrastructure consultants will review your environment footprint and design and perform testing.

The Equinox team can also work with you to assess the skill level of your CPM/EPM staff and recommend a training path to enhance skills and empower your users. Experience has shown us that an educated user is typically a satisfied user.

4. Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure Consultants

Planning, installing, configuring and supporting your CPM/EPM environment can be a challenging task when relying on internal resources alone. To address your entire infrastructure needs from pre to post go-live and beyond, the Equinox Infrastructure Consulting team can assist you with efficient, cost-effective management no matter where you are today with your performance management solution.

Implementations and Upgrades

During a CPM/EPM implementation or upgrade project, our infrastructure consultants assist clients with the following tasks to ensure a stable development, test and production environment:

• Review current environment
• Establish performance benchmarks and install requirements
• Install and configure software for selected release
• Ensure disaster recovery and other key infrastructure requirements
• Provide best practice and knowledge transfer for ongoing support

Software Installation/Configuration

As the industry transitions to a more Cloud-based offering, it is becoming standard to have the software provider deliver the installation/configuration of the software. The Equinox infrastructure team will help guide you through the process.

Performance Issues

Performance issues arise for many reasons such as the implementation of a new structure or set of entities, a re-design resulting from an acquisition or spinoff, or the installation of a seemingly straightforward patch or upgrade to a new release. What used to take 10 minutes now takes 14 hours and no one knows why.