Equinox Teknologi was founded in 2016 by a team of dedicated professionals who wanted to deliver better value to clients than was possible with the major financial performance software companies they had been working for since the 1990s. With Equinox Teknologi, these consultants and technologists found ways to apply their experience and expertise to build and deliver tailored solutions to improve performance and compensation at the lowest possible cost.

Today, our seasoned professionals provide financial management solutions and consulting for companies around the world. Equinox Teknologi has used its extensive network of dedicated EPM/CPM experts to provide clients with temporary and permanent staffing solutions that meet the urgent and long-term needs of companies of all sizes, from mid-market to the Fortune 500.

At Equinox Teknologi, we not only know software, we are dedicated businesspeople who know how to partner and create solutions that help companies better manage their financial performance needs.


At Equinox Teknologi, client results come first. That means exceptional customer service and satisfaction are a priority, and projects are delivered on time and under budget by teams of dedicated professionals. Our consultants have been leading the way in business performance innovation since the launch of the industry’s first software products. We have experience with products such as Wolters Klower’s Tagetik, Workday’s Adaptive Insights, Oracle’s Hyperion, SAP’s BPC, IBM’s Frango/Cognos, Infor’s MPC/PM10 to name a few. We are also keenly aware of the growing cost and performance pressures on Finance offices, and the struggle to improve planning and gain strategic insight from ever more data in the cloud and across the enterprise.

Equinox Teknologi’s rich industry history and dedication to excellence are on display every day in our interactions with clients and in our employees’ working environment.

Equinox Teknologi employees are dedicated professionals who are given the opportunity to innovate and thrive. The Equinox Teknologi model relies on a non-hierarchical network of seasoned, expert consultants and programmers who focus their skills, as needed, on specific issues and engagements. Our consultants are doing the work they love to do, and their enthusiasm comes through in every client interaction.

Our vision for the future is to continue to build on our tradition of putting clients first by engaging our employees in the things they love to do while practicing sound business principles focused on strong partner relationships, growth and profitability. We believe that this vision and these values have allowed us to grow and thrive, and looking forward, they will enable us to be here for the long term.


Our leadership team comes from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in finance, accounting, technology and executive management. With such broad expertise and accomplishments, they bring both detailed, functional skills and a deep understanding of our clients’ business objectives and challenges to each engagement. The entire team is committed to building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with every client, employee and partner.